Economic View is a new media hosted by China News Service, which has qualification of finance and economics coverage through Internet-based news gathering, editing and publishing (Categories I). The Economic View mobile application is the primary platform to distribute our news reports under the guiding principles of authoritative, forward-looking, professional and compatible. We are dedicated to spreading financial information, interpreting economic policies and narrating business developments in service of delivering a premium financial news platform.

In addition to our mobile app, Economic View utilizes several other platforms such as website, Wechat public platform, and Weibo to publish relative contents. Moreover, Today's Headlines, Yidian Information, Sohu, Netease, Sina, SecondsMiaopai and other platforms are used for news releases as well. Economic View provides a 24/7 financial news service, with 18 quality columns spanning Headlines, Political News, Finance, Stock Market and Real Estate, and is set-up to publish a large number of original reports.

The Economic View Institute, a think-tank wholly run by Economic View, is a complementary project with 400 established financial scholars attached to the organization. Scholars are diverse in their experiences with many attached to prestigious institutions like the Development Research Center of the State Council, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Peking University, Tsinghua University and BOC International. Economic View has extensive contacts with Hong Kong、Macau、Taiwan and overseas Chinese businessmen. At present standing, Economic View regularly communicates with more than 200 Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and overseas Chinese entrepreneur organizations from 63 countries and regions for the purpose of resource sharing, information customization and offline events. Through this initiative, we provide customized services to Chinese businessmen, relying on the collecting and editing network of China News Service throughout China and regions dispersed throughout the world.

Economic View also have a professional team to hold financial and economic events on a long term basis. For instance, Financial China V-Forum, New Economic Brand Development.

As a new media of finance and economics, which is subordinate to one of the China Central Media heading news media, Economic View quickly creates influences and disseminations in financial reporting, and ranks among the top of various financial media lists, with plenty of high-quality original news, influential offline events and the advantages of national news agencies.

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